July 2008
Gary "Boomer" Morris



I didn't really spend too much time birding. And I really missed my scope (with the new restrictions on luggage weight I left it home) at the observation tower. I ended up with 20 identified species. Nine of them were life birds for me.

Tropical Mockingbird (life)
Common Ground-Dove (life)
House Sparrow BOO)
Brown Pelican
Carib Grackle (life)- one guide I had said they weren't on the island, and one guide

    said they were. I know a grackle when I see one, so I felt confident in claiming it.
Crested Caracara (life)- a group of these were feeding on a rabbit in the middle of a

      road in Arikok National Park. One was an adult and the rest (about 4) were

      juveniles (brownish, not black).
Baltimore Oriole- seen at the Casibari Rock Formation
Brown-Throated Parakeet (life)- seen both at Casibari and at Bubali.
Laughing Gull
American Kestrel- seen in the area near Ayo Rock Formation
Rock Dove (BOO)- not listed in either of my guides, but I sure know them.

Seen at Bubali:

Glossy Ibis
Neotropic Cormorant (life)
Great Egret
Striated Heron (life)- seen from the observation tower in a tree.
Common Moorhen
Caribbean Coot (life)
Bare-Eyed Pigeon (life)- also seen elsewhere.
Yellow Warbler- female
Pied-billed Grebe- close enough that I was able to see the bill

There were a number of birds that I could not identify at Bubali because they were too far away. I probably saw a number of Least Grebes, but won't claim them because it would be a lifer for me.

The entrance to Bubali next to the Treatment Plant was totally grown over. I hadn't expected it so wasn't dressed properly. We got the jeep in about 50 feet and that was it.

A marvelous place that I hope to return to in the future. Maybe then I can bring my scope.

Gary "Boomer" Morris